Put an innovative student entrepreneur in a hot desk

What the treps get:

  • Access to a TrepDesk. Includes chair, desk, and WiFi.
  • Access to meeting space and boardroom.
  • Access to startup and technology events.
  • Networking with FueledMinds and Niagara-based entrepreneurs.
  • Free water, coffee, tea and POPCORN!

What the sponsors get:

  • Table-top display with your company logo to highlight your TrepDesk sponsorship.
  • Your company logo on our TrepDesk website to show your support of the program.
  • Weekly social media posts from FueledMinds about your generous contribution.
  • Press release from FueledMinds about your company’s contribution.
  • 30-second video from each participating student pitching their business and thanking your company for its support.
  • 2-3 social media posts per week from each participating student linking to your company’s social media profile.

For only $250/month you can help an aspiring student start the next big thing. And you’ll get great exposure for your company in the process.

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